VOZZi’s purpose is to reinvent the way that customers connect with and use automotive services.


We digitalize the highly fragmented automotive services market and combine everything into a single global platform.

We have a bottom-up approach to roadside assistance services, that is, once the car breaks down. Our core business is our unique platform that connects customers and roadside assistance providers without local restrictions or borders.

By including complementary services such as car mechanics, tire services, hotels, gas stations, rent-a-car, taxis, etc. we save our clients both time and money.

By integrating all automotive services into a single platform, we aim to provide frictionless service scheduling, maintenance and concierge, covering everything from (first) car service to (potential) breakdown.

    For our clients, we create accessible, easy-to-understand, and active demand for automotive services, making them feel “invisible” yet accessible through the mobile app.
    For our partners we provide a best-in-class unique end-to-end service platform that enables them to fully focus on growing their business through digitalization and the removal of old-school habits.
    For our employees we have created a positive working environment that fosters talent through constantly challenging and disrupting old business models in the automotive industry.
    To society, we save the most precious asset of all, time. Our mobile app greatly reduces the time required to organize and handle various automotive service activities, so it can be better spent with family and friends.


We are focused on delivering a single automotive services platform that removes complexity and helps power the digital transformation of our partners and customers.

Partners are faced with old work methods, which we are changing and improving through standardization and simplification of specific maintenance processes. With a supply chain of spare parts and training people on one side, and users who expect simplification and a solution without wasting time and nerves on the other, we strive for continuous improvement and the eliminating inefficiencies.


  1. Providing Premium Service.
  2. Innovation across the whole range of automotive services by making them “invisible” to our customers.
  3. Not everyone needs to be a car mechanic
Company Values
Start with yourself
We all share similar difficulties in our daily lives. The most important thing that we need to do when solving our customers' problems is to imagine ourselves in their shoes.
Innovation and repetition
Every problem we can imagine is made up of many smaller problems. Go through small problems in detail, create a new order and sort them in a familiar way. Review and repeat.
Leave your ego outside
We leave our ego outside the office and focus on solutions. Be curious, open-minded, and look for ideas everywhere.
Hire better than you
We are not all good at everything, but some are better than us. Support, mentor and provide better information and business choices to others. Look for hidden talents in the people around you.
Don’t put up walls
Learn to listen, receive feedback, learn from it, accept the good and the bad and get back into the problem. Do not build a wall around you whether it is emotional, business, or private.
Share your knowledge
Use every day to learn something new, and once new people are around you, go back and remember your first day at work. Share the gained knowledge and teach others. Repetition makes us all better.
Do more with less
Act with limited resources in mind and make the best use of them.
Make yourself useful
Act on inputs, deliver outputs, repeat, and be creative. Insist on quality, learn from failures, and start over.

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