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VOZZi - the mobile app and our company

We are VOZZi, the first fully digitized roadside assistance, and you are our priority.

VOZZi is a mobile app where everything is in one place. We connect users who need help on the road with a towing service in real-time. The mobile application was launched in 2017, and in a short period of time introduced a revolution in roadside assistance systems.

Users of the mobile app get an easy-to-use solution when they need help on the road. Together, we are breaking down the old school way of doing business in our industry and modernizing it for the benefit of all users. No paperwork, time-saving, and 24/7/365 support.

Imagine the scenario

We are here to help you


It's the middle of the night. You are driving back home with your family from the holidays. You are tired from the journey and the kids are impossible in the back seat. The car slows down and you slowly pull into the stop lane. You are far from home and you don't know what's wrong with the car. Whom to turn to at this hour? How to fix the problem? What number to call?

The solution

You start the VOZZi mobile app and click on the request for assistance tab. Soon, one of our network partners will get in touch with you with the shown arrival time. Our Call Center also calls you so that we can provide you with maximum help and support and explain the upcoming steps. When the partner arrives, ideally, the fault is fixed on the spot and you can continue your journey. Otherwise, the car is taken to the nearest mechanic shop, and depending on the package that you have, you and your family are provided with accommodation or the continuation of the trip. Of course, if everything else fails, with a VOZZi package you have unlimited mileage service for towing you home.


Two mobile apps, one platform

Direct work with partners enables quick response and guaranteed service quality. Through an automated process, you will be precisely located, quickly served and you will have the opportunity to directly exchange information with a VOZZi partner.

Our two mobile apps, for partner and user, form a unique ecosystem. The mobile apps are synchronized during the entire roadside assistance process, in order to provide timely and accurate service.

Install VOZZi mobile app and travel worry-free

This is who we are, this is what we do. This is VOZZi.

Network coverage

The VOZZi network is constantly expanding

Results that we are proud of


Partners all over Europe


Successful assistances


Registered clients on the VOZZi app


App installation

Creation of the VOZZi network starts in 2018.


VOZZi officially starts creating its partner network on the territory of Serbia and launches the sale of roadside assistance packages.









vrednosti koje cenimo

Company culture

It all starts with people and ends with people

Start with yourself

We all share similar difficulties in our daily lives. The most important thing that we need to do when solving our customers' problems is to imagine ourselves in their shoes.

Innovation and repetition

Every problem we can imagine is made up of many smaller problems. Go through small problems in detail, create a new order and sort them in a familiar way. Review and repeat.

Leave your ego outside

We leave our ego outside the office and focus on solutions. Be curious, open-minded, and look for ideas everywhere.

Hire better than you

We are not all good at everything, but some are better than us. Support, mentor and provide better information and business choices to others. Look for hidden talents in the people around you.

Don’t put up walls

Learn to listen, receive feedback, learn from it, accept the good and the bad and get back into the problem. Do not build a wall around you whether it is emotional, business, or private.

Share your knowledge

Use every day to learn something new, and once new people are around you, go back and remember your first day at work. Share the gained knowledge and teach others. Repetition makes us all better.

Do more with less

Act with limited resources in mind and make the best use of them.

Make yourself useful

Act on inputs, deliver outputs, repeat, and be creative. Insist on quality, learn from failures, and start over.

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