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Our partner network is constantly growing. If you are dealing with roadside assistance professionally, our company is open for cooperation.

Low commissions

Fixed 10% commission from every transaction. The price list is the same on the entire territory of your country of residence and there are no hidden costs. Our partner price list covers fixed prices for all services and they are the same for every partner. In that way, we offer full service transparency and protect our customers´ rights. Therefore your market success depends only on the quality and availability of your services and not on prices.

No initial investments

If you are in the business of providing roadside assistance services as a company or as an individual, you can apply for a partner position completely free. The success of your business within our users´ network is in no way determined by your investments, but strictly by your work, activities and rating from our users. VOZZi is a developed online service with a constantly improving infrastructure that is directly linked to your business success.

You are in full control

Take control of your own business. You decide on your working hours. Your business success depends entirely on the quality of your work, the relationships you build with your customers, and the way in which you present yourself to them. For easier and more precise understanding, we adopted the Codex, which defines the way of working and the path to joint growth. You control your image and business policy, so maximize every opportunity you get. Does your company have more drivers? Each one of them installs the VOZZi partner app on his/her phone and you can track them easily in real time, at any moment.

Photographing is required

In order to protect our partners, we require taking photographs. Take a picture of a vehicle before and after your service. If the vehicle is damaged after your service and the customer claims the opposite, we can easily prove it.
Our partner application can be easily downloaded via the following links

Here is what our partners are saying about cooperation with VOZZi

I have a great cooperation with VOZZi
Everything is as agreed at the beginning. This is a company that constantly expands its offer in this line of business.
Ivan Vulićević, Towing Service Krimleks doo Čupo, Čačak
It's a great pleasure to work with VOZZi
They have a great impact on implementing standards for our business. The app has made everything transparent, from connecting to clients to receiving payment.
Dragan Radibratović, Towing Service Gaga MDR, Zlatibor
Business is a pleasure with VOZZi
The app helps you find the client, do the service and charge for it without any problems. Both my client and I are very satisfied.
Željko Bonđerović, Towing Service Toma 021, Novi Sad

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