Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the VOZZi application free?
Yes, the application is free to download and is available on both Google Play Store and App Store, as well as on the Huawei App Gallery.
Can I use a road assistance package without the use of the application?
No road assistance package can be used without an installed application on your mobile phone. VOZZi is a mobile road assistance platform which offers the options of calling our partners and our Call Center, but only through the use of the application. As a method of verification, the application generates a unique package number that you need to provide when calling our partners and/or our Call Center.
Can I purchase any road assistance package via a payment card?
Yes, any road assistance package can be purchased via a debit or credit card provided to you by your bank, and this is the preferred way of purchasing due to the speed and safety that a payment card provides.
Where can I buy a VOZZi road assistance package?
A VOZZi road assistance package can be purchased either via the VOZZi mobile phone application, or the official VOZZi webshop (
How long does a VOZZi road assistance package subscription last?
Any VOZZi road assistance package subscription lasts 12 months from the date of activation.
Are VOZZi road assistance packages applicable for taxi vehicles?
Yes, all VOZZi road assistance packages are applicable for taxi vehicles as well?
Is a VOZZi road assistance package linked to a registered person or a passanger vehicle?
A VOZZi road assistance package is linked to a registered person as the sole user of the package, that is, the one who has the right to use the various services provided by the package no matter what passanger vehicle the person is in as well as no matter whether the person is the driver or passanger in the passanger vehicle.
How do I call VOZZi for road assistance?

The procedure for calling road assistance is the following: depending on your registered location and package that you have previously purchased, if your car breaks down in your coverage area (local/national/Europe) and your geo location (GPS) is turned on - you start the VOZZi application, choose the "road assistance" option, and with one click choose the type of service necessary. The application locates and informs you that it is searching for the nearest available partner. As soon as a partner is found and accepts your request, you immediately receive the live waiting time and partner location, as well as critical information such the partner's license plate number, vehicle type and telephone number. If you for some reason do not have internet connectivity at the moment of need, the application will recognize that and provide you with our Call Center dialling button. Once you press that button, you will be connected with one of our Operators. Our operator will ask you to provide your unique package number that will show up on screen above the Call Center dialling button. The Call Center number is +31 208 004 920  and is available 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If I use one service from the whole package (ex. a tire change/repair), do I need to renew the whole package or is the package still valid minus the used service?
No, you do not need to renew the whole package. The used service will be deducted, but you will have the remaining services at your disposal.
If I am abroad and decide to go to the nearest vehicle service station for repairs, but the repair quote turns out to be extremely expensive, can I request a repatriation, that is, a transport back to my country of residence/registration?
You have the right to a towing service to the nearest vehicle service station, and if the repair price does not suit you, you can use the towing service for your vehicle and transport of all passangers to your home address.
In case of a breakdown abroad, can I use the towing service to the nearest vehicle service station with no additional costs?
Yes, and it is advisable to have the repair done in the nearest vehicle service station. In case a repair is not possible, we will organize an additional towing service to your local vehicle service station.
Do Europe packages feature a limit on the repatriation (towing to your home address) service?

No, there is no limit in the use of the repatriation (towing to your home address) service if it is in accordance with the territorial coverage of a specific package in question.

What is VOZZi's Call Center number?

The contact number of the Call Center is +31 208 004 920.

How to get a discount on the purchase of a road assistance package?
The discount is attainable through incentivising others to purchase a package via the VOZZi application. The application features the RECOMMEND option, and with one click you can send an application install link to your friends / family members / acquaintances / etc. (using SMS, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp...). As soon as your friend / family member / acquaintance clicks on your link, installs the application and registers, you get a 5% discount for every newly registered user that you recommended the application to, up to a maximum of 40%. The new price with the discount will be shown to you on screen when purchasing the package.
Do VOZZi roadside assistance packages cover motorcycles as well?
Yes, VOZZi road assistance packages cover motorcycles as well.
Can I gat a towing service for an unregistered vehicle?
No, we do not offer roadside assistance to unregistered vehicles, as well as vehicles with trial or temporary license plates.
What are the working hours of the Call Center?
The VOZZi Call Center works 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
What are the call charges incurred when calling the Call Center from abroad?
Calls from abroad are charged in accordance to the pricelist defined by your Mobile Phone Operator.
Is a roadside assistance package transferrable to another private person?
NO, a roadside assistance package is NOT trasferrable to another private person.
Why is it recommended to indicate the make and model of the passanger vehicle that I am using?
When you request roadside assistance, the VOZZi partner receives information about the passanger vehicle that needs to be towed and/or serviced. In that way our partner has the correct information and can prepare in advance, selecting the necessary tow truck type, as well as any additional special tools and/or spare parts.
How do I know if and when the VOZZi partner is coming to my location?
When you request a service through the application, you are presented with the live movement and arrival time of the VOZZi partner. You also get information on the make and model as well as license plates of the arriving vehicle.
How is the vehicle and passanger return from abroad to the home address organized?
In those types of cases, both the passangers and vehicle are transported via a passanger van equipped with a towing trailer, in order to make the trip as comfortable as possible. If that does not suit your needs, you can always continue your journey by train, bus or airplane, depending on the service level included in your package.
Does vehicle repatriation from abroad apply only in case of vehicle breakdowns or in case of traffic accidents?
No, the service applies both to vehicle breakdowns and traffic accidents.
How can I call for road assistance in case I do not have or have problems with mobile internet?
In case you have an active VOZZi package but do not have or are having problems with mobile internet, whether at home or abroad, the application detects the lack of mobile internet and the button to contact the Call Center appears on screen. When you get in contact with the Operator, you will provide him with your unique package number (which appears on the same screen just above the Call Center button) and location. The Operator will provide you with all the necessary information and he will arrange all of your roadside assistance needs.
Does the free repatriation (vehicle towing and transport of all passangers back home) service from abroad exist?

Yes, all VOZZi Europe packages feature free repatriation (vehicle towing and transport of all passangers back home) from abroad to your wanted destination at home, with no limits imposed on the number of kilometers.

How long does it take for a road assistance package to become active?
All packages become active 72h after the payment has been registered in the system.

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